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09 Nov Holiday Party Ideas for Your HOA

'Tis the season for holiday parties!   The holiday season is a magical time of year. Neighbors young and old get to gather together and many communities are fortunate to have residents from many diverse backgrounds. But no matter your background, one thing people have in common...

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Board Meeting Attendance

31 Oct Boosting Your Board Meeting’s Attendance

Board meetings are an important time for everybody in a community. In theory, members of a community can make sure that their concerns are addressed, and the board members get to discuss and vote on changes to their community’s policies and developments. But the reality...

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Safe Halloween

22 Oct Playing It Safe On Halloween

With October 31 coming in just under a week, everyone is getting into the spirit of Halloween and preparing for a night of candy and children running about. From decorations to buying candy to making costumes, you’re sure to have a busy week ahead to...

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Membership Approval, Strategies, Amendments

12 Oct Strategies for Obtaining Membership Approval

If you are a condominium or homeowners’ association board member or community association manager, this scenario probably sounds too familiar: The association’s board of directors has identified a provision in the governing documents which would benefit the association to amend. Perhaps amending the provision could...

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HOA Budget Season Tips

01 Oct Five Budget Basics

The arrival of Fall means it’s budget season! Often, board members dread the annual budget process, as it can be stressful performing cost savings and negotiating contracts. At Vesta, we’re always looking for ways to help communities, and we’ve gathered a few helpful tips from...

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17 Sep How To Tell If a Snake Is Venomous

One of the many worries people have when they think about encountering snakes in or around their homes is how to tell when a snake is venomous and when it is harmless. The United States is home to a wide variety of different species of...

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HOA steps to revise rules

21 Feb Steps Required To Revise Your HOA’s Rules

For most homeowners associations in Florida, rules are not part of the community's original governing documents. Instead, rules are often adopted along the way to help homeowners to better understand the HOA's covenants, restrictions, and conditions. Having more than 25 years of experience in residential...

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HOA Board Roles

17 Feb Understanding Roles Of The HOA Board

You should think of your homeowner's association as the cornerstone of your Florida residential community. The purpose of having a homeowner's association is to preserve the architectural integrity of properties within the community and maintain common areas. If association management is handled well, the HOA...

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