Every community managed by Vesta Property Services has a prepared disaster plan set in place to provide residents with information, guidance and resources to help them better prepare and recover from hurricanes.

In addition to these procedures, we also recommend residents visit and follow the websites below to stay up to date on the latest hurricane information. The Weather Channel’s Hurricane Central page provides up-to-the-minute radar and weather maps for any current hurricanes, to include past and future projected locations.

The National Hurricane Center provides updates and advisories on tropical storms and hurricanes.





We recommend you download the attached American Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist, to ensure you are ready and protected during the 2019 Hurricane Season.

Plan for the worst but hope for the best.

If you are impacted by a hurricane, please keep in mind that rescue and emergency units will be grounded until the storm passes.  Subsequent to the passing of the storm, they will be busy. Be prepared to help yourselves and those around you until the needed help can arrive.

Even the best agencies tracking the storms will never be 100% accurate and a storm can change strength and direction at any time. Monitor regularly, have your plan, prepare your resources and keep yourself and family safe.

Regardless of your plans, residents are urged to prepare their properties for possible hurricane or tropical storm-force winds. In accordance with your association’s governing documents, we strongly recommend you arrange to have hurricane shutters deployed within the coming days. Additionally, any loose items which might become projectiles, such as patio furniture and potted plants, should be moved to the inside of homes.  Care should be taken to secure all valuables and important documents in your home.

Should we be affected by the storm, the Association will work to clear any debris off of the roadways as soon as safely possible.

Stay safe.