10 Ways Vesta Helps Communities Prepare for Hurricanes!

The 2018 Hurricane season may have just begun last month, but Vesta is prepared!

Here are 10 ways that Vesta helps communities prepare for hurricanes:

  1. Vesta sends and reviews a hurricane checklist with the Board Chair and District Manager of each community (updates are made as directed and/or necessary prior to each storm event).
  2. Vesta ensures that adequate supplies are on hand to prepare for the hurricane.
  3. Vesta identifies additional resources necessary to conduct preparations (labor, special skills, vendor support, additional funding, specialized tools and materials), makes arrangements to secure as needed and recommends communities in close proximity to help each other team up so that individuals can specialize in certain tasks across communities to be more efficient.
  4. Vesta sends eblast updates to residents to include timeline for facility restrictions/closures.
  5. Vesta boards up doors, windows, exterior display cases and vents as directed and agreed upon scope with the Board Chair and DM.
  6. Vesta disconnects all appliances, gas, water supply and electronics and removes all items from around windows.
  7. Vesta shuts down and unplugs all computers, printers, copiers, and all electronics in preparation for possible lightning strikes or electrical surges.
  8. Vesta clears and monitors all storm drains for clear passage from debris.
  9. Vesta secures signage, swings, playground equipment, storage shed and facilities, golf carts, grills, propane heaters, propane tanks, and more.
  10. Following the storm and the instructions from local authorities on safety and access issues, Vesta will make a survey of the property. After the property survey, Vesta will contact the Board Chair and the DM and develop a recovery plan with prioritization.


Our team at Vesta Property Services is always there for you during Hurricane Season. Please contact us to learn more about how your Florida HOA community can benefit from a partnership with Vesta Property Services.

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