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Vesta Property Services Reviews

We take pride in what we do, and it shows. Vesta Property Services reviews and testimonials highlight the superior customer service we provide all residents and Board members. See reviews of Vesta Property Services below, as well as testimonials from satisfied partners. And, as always, contact us today if you would like to learn more about the services Vesta Property Services provides.

Excellent service. Amanda Holste is extremely professional and responds quickly to all of our requests
They work well with the association and keep us on track with difficult issues.
Caloosa Point I in Sun City Center is a satisfied client of Vesta Property Services, Ruskin office. In my first year as president of of our POA (Homeowners Association), our property manager, Amanda Holste has come through like a "rock star." Our questions, issues and needs have always been responded to and resolved in an appropriate manner. Building a healthy working relationship between homeowners and their property service provider will always be a challenge, however, Caloosa Point I, is satisfied with the healthy relationship that exists between us and Vesta. Kudos to Vesta and its staff for providing us with reliable services as our management property service provider, that also handles our finances and performs administrative responsibilities. Five Star rating.
I have had the good fortune of working with Vesta Property Services several times. They have always been prompt, professional and a pleasure to work with. They have been instrumental in coordinating emergency services and repairs for their clients in a timely and responsible manner and they are highly recommended.
Excellent service, answered all my questions!! Highly recommend working with Dina.
Have worked with Amanda Holste and Vesta for a number of years. They are thorough and provide superb service to our association.
Great company to work for as a vendor and residents at the properties seem happy! Would recommend looking into a quote if you are looking for management options!
Met w/Dawn today in St. Pete office about billing matters. She was receptive to my concerns, very professional and took care of the matter immediately. I'm so glad she's working there!!
Every interaction is an absolute pleasure!
Awesome management company. Dina and her staff are amazing. Very helpful. Very highly recommended.
Vesta Services does a fabulous job. Dina goes above and beyond and is great to deal with. Very personable.
Vesta manages well, and Manuel Trinidad, our manager, does a really excellent job!
This company came through for me when I had an issue, and I'm beyond grateful. Would highly recommend!
Dina was very knowledgeable and welcoming!
Nothing but superior service here. Staff is very personable and Dina was especially helpful making sure we had a smooth transition here. Thank you!
Tena, Patty & their team are AWESOME. Totally accommodating and they truly care about people!
Vesta is far and away the best management company I have ever dealt with. Sherilyn Craig is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. She was even complimented by a Judge during a trial I attended for her professional way of doing business. Love Vesta!
Brandon Romine of Vesta property services has been an extremely valuable resource for our HOA Board of Directors and our community. He goes above and beyond to help our Board of Directors to make informed decisions on critical community issues. He is also very responsive to homeowners. Brandon is knowledgeable and reliable. I would recommend his property management services to anyone.
Enjoy working with Tena and Pat at The Ridge for our Wine Tasting Events.The Clubhouse is beautiful and the staff provides great support with getting the room set up and providing appetizers and water. It is a wonderful community and a pleasure to work with them both. Cheers!
I had a great experience with Dina. She answers all of my questions promptly and has helped me anytime I've needed assistance!
Vesta Property Services is a dream to work with! We service many of their properties and they are great !Judy A Lester, PresidentRR Webb Spraying Service INC6045 54 Ave NSt Petersburg, FL 33709
Above and beyond! I felt informed through the entire process, thank you Dina and crew!
Vesta is successful in maintaining a small community feel while offering all the conveniences of a large management company. They tailor their services to your community's needs. Their personnel are responsive, professional and caring. This is my 9th year as Westpark Preserve’s President. We have no intention of parting ways with Vesta after our past 6 years of highly effective customer services. Our current property mgr Amanda Holste has been incredible with her energy in being proactive with current issues. It’s hard to find effective managers and property mgt companies. Schedule an appointment to discover how Vesta can transform your HOA experiences. Matthew Smith - Westpark Preserve President.
This management company is great they will keep the value of your home and keep your association within the rules. I have been working with Mrs.R Gomez and Mrs. B Fraga, they are super Proffesional and with excellent communication skills. They manage my property in the homestead area. My name is J. Aguay.

To Whom it May Concern:


I am writing in regard to Vesta who is the current Property Management Company solely responsible for the amenities within Kings Point Sun City Center, located in Sun City Center, FL.


Kings Point is a community comprised of 110 COAs and 4 HOAs which contain 5595 units.  In 2007 the Federation of Kings Point Associations, Inc. purchased all the amenities located within Kings Point from the developer which included but not limited to: two (2) clubhouses (including indoor pools), three outdoor pools, a lawn bowling court, tennis court, shuffleboard court, bocce court and pickle ball courts along with a number of trams for on premise and off premise transportation of its residents and oversight of the on-premises security.


Vesta was hired in 2007, in conjunction with the purchase, to manage and oversee all amenities along with the operation of the food and bar  services located within the two clubhouses.  In addition, Vesta was also hired to maintain the finances for these amenities, establish a yearly budget for the day-to-day operations, establish a Repair and Replacement Reserve necessary for the repair and replacement of items, as required based on a 3-5-year replacement study.  In addition, Vesta was also responsible the establishment of a Capital Reserve for construction/implementation of new amenities.  The budget is monitored on a quarterly and yearly basis with an independent auditor reviewing the year end financials.


Kings Point pool

Vesta has done an outstanding job and continues to adapt to the ever-changing environment and needs of the community and its residents.  Vesta has seen the amenities are maintained in the most up to date manner and one the residents are proud of. Vesta oversees and manages all projects relating to the amenities in a highly professional manner. In addition, during the last 13 years Vesta oversaw the remodeling of an older sales office of the developer into a state-of-the-art gym and salon/spa which they also now oversee and manage. This building also includes additional meeting rooms along with a culinary room for cooking classes.


The exemplary job performance of Vesta is reflected in the continued renewal of our agreement with Vesta since 2007.  In fact, the Federation of King Point recently renewed the management contract for an addition four (4) years through 2025 by a unanimous voted of the 114 Association which make up the community. Vesta is highly respected within the community for their dedication to Kings Point.  Their management staff is second to none and make themselves available on a 24/7 basis 365 days a year. They have maintained a great working relationship with the various changes on the Federation Boards during the last 17 years, which is an example of their willingness to work with the various individual who have led the Federation Board.


I along with the rest of the nine (9) member Federation Board would highly recommend Vesta for any position for which they may be considered.


Jack Davidson

President Federation Board, Kings Point Sun City Center

Kings Point Delray monument sign

Vesta and their team began working for Kings Point over 35 years ago. I served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Kings Point Golf and Country Club and the prior Board of Governors for 6 years. With their help, we have taken on major amenity construction projects. Their project management skills have helped ensure the success of these projects and enhance our club’s lifestyle.  Vesta’s considerable knowledge and work ethic helps keep our vast community’s amenities, including multiple golf courses, clubhouses, swimming pools and transportation system, in top condition.

Our on-sight leadership and staff team keeps our residents well informed on the daily operations of the recreation area.  With the community information channel and website services, which Vesta provides, we always know about the programs, activities, and special events going on throughout the community. These are so much a part of the lifestyle our residents have come to expect.  I highly recommend Vesta Property Services as an exceptional property management company.


Frank Iovine

Chairman, Kings Point Recreation Corp.

Julington Creek Plantation monument sign

Vesta began working for Julington Creek Plantation CDD in October of 2016. I am very happy with their performance, as they eagerly stepped into a very challenging situation and immediately demonstrated a professional attitude and willingness to work hard. They quickly took charge, made immediate changes, and suggested further improvements for our long-term success.

I have been most impressed by their willingness to work with the Board on a variety of issues. If we are concerned about something and unsure of how to fix it, Vesta volunteers to research the situation further and present viable options that usually solve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.

I believe three qualities make Vesta stand out: their experience, positive attitude/work ethic, and creative, problem-solving approach.


 Alison Golan

JCPCDD Board Supervisor, 2014 – 2018

Mirabay, Apollo Beach monument sign

To whom it may concern,


I am the former Chairman of the Harbor Bay, aka MiraBay, CDD. Our community switched from Rizzetta/WTS to Vesta during my third year as a Supervisor. If you are considering a switch in Management Companies, I wholeheartedly recommend you consider Vesta. No matter the size of your community, I believe Vesta will over-invest in your management team, both in terms of the onsite personnel they assign to your community but also in the back-up support they provide to your onsite personnel. I have found Vesta to be ethical, resident-oriented and creative in their approach to programming and solving problems.


Paul Curley

Former Chairman, Harbor Bay CDD

The Lakes at Three Oaks monument sign

My term as President of the Lakes will wind down tonight at our annual meeting, so I thought it appropriate to send a note of gratitude to Vesta Property Services and especially to Neal for the hard work and dedication shown to my community.


Neal, with the support of your entire staff, has done a tremendous job of keeping us within budget, on track, and in my humble opinion, moving in a positive direction toward our goals of always improving our little slice of paradise.


While we have hit a few bumps in the road, i.e. Irma…, or the occasional disagreement, we have been able to constantly have a great attitude and positive feedback from the majority of our residents. The few that have complained simply do not understand procedure or just insist on being less than helpful.


Neal is to be commended for his insight and his faithful duty to Vesta, The Lakes, and I am certain to the other properties that he holds the title of CAM for. All of the Vesta staff has also continually stepped up to the plate to assist with any issues or concerns that we have encountered.


Please give Neal and your office support team a great deal of praise for a job well done as it certainly has been earned and is warranted.


Again, thank you for everything that you and your staff has done over the last four years to make The Lakes at Three Oaks a wonderful place to live.



Keith Grant

President, The Lakes at Three Oaks

To whom it may concern,


Regarding my experience with Vesta Property Services. I am the current Chairman for Tisons Landing CDD (Yellow Bluff Landing), a community of 680 homes and full list of amenity offerings. We are a very active and engaged community that enjoy the benefits that our amenity property and the services the Vesta staff provides. They have been a proven asset to us for the last year.


Our community and amenity center is over 10 years old, and I’ve sat on the board for the last 3 years. The property management company, RMS (formerly GMS), was in place since the beginning with us making the switch to Vesta at the end of FY2019 and the differences operationally and professionally are night and day.


Communication. Vesta’s communication between the board, CDD manager, and the community is outstanding. We were coming out of a stale relationship with the former vendor and this was a critical area where we wanted to see improvement. With Vesta, there are no voicemails not returned, no emails that are overlooked, and the community correspondence, once almost non-existent, now come weekly, if not more. The communication you can expect with staff is always bidirectional. No more one-way communication that leaves you throwing your arms up with the “I guess that our only option” feeling. Our Vesta team is always looking for ways to improve and are willing to take feedback no matter what the circumstance.


Yellow Bluff Landing monument sign

Ability. Vesta puts the right people in place. One of the major differences from what we had, to want we were provided with be Vesta, is a dedicated operations manager. Their predecessor operated in a shared environment where their operations manager was spread between several CDDs, and in my mind too many. Our last company only had the OM on site maybe once a week, things were going unnoticed and not attended to. Vesta has provided us with an OM that is highly qualified for the job and with his due diligence found and resolved several items that looked to be ignored be previous staff. Vesta has the talent and resources to handle a lot of these items in house, something that would have normally been contracted out with RMS, at a higher rate. A good example of this was with our splashpad. Our splash pad was aging, the paint fading, ropes drying out, and some of the hardware and mounting components were rusting through. Staff provided us with quotes for comparable replacements, and because nobody makes a direct replacement for the structure itself, the quotes included new foundation and plumbing work driving up the costs to anywhere between $95K to almost $300K. With RMS, replacement was our only option. Vesta approached this differently. The did an assessment of all components to the splash pad and determined a thorough refurbishment could be done in house. They were able to source replacement parts, coatings and hardware themselves, and with success in performing similar work in other communities, they were able to provide use cases to the board for the go ahead on this project. This action and extra effort by Vesta took a six-figure project to a palatable repair cost of less than $6k.


Amenity management and planning. While we enjoyed the events that were done prior to Vesta, it seemed we were limited to what we could do either due to approval or resources. Vesta does a great job with sharing event idea between communities, and if we have an event idea, Vesta does everything they can do to accommodate. The staff always goes the extra mile to make sure guests are taken care of. I don’t hear complaints from residence like I did in the past. Our residents know they can bring any issues to the Vesta staff and their concerns would be addressed. No more do they need to escalate to the district manager or the board members themselves.


With all that said, when Dan from Vesta pitched their services at our meeting last year, the board voted 3 Yea to 2 Nay, in favor of Vesta. I was 1 of the 2 Nays. As you can tell, they convinced me otherwise. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have or even jump on the bridge for any of your meetings.


Warm regards,

Brandon Kirch

Chairman, Tisons Landing CDD