Back to School Safety Tips for Your HOA

While it’s hard to believe, summer is officially coming to a close, and the kids are heading back to school. HOA board members should remind community residents to take extra caution this time of year as pedestrians, bicyclists, buses, and other vehicles are all sharing the road.

Here are several back to school safety tips for your HOA community to put into practice:

  1. Use sidewalks.

Having sidewalks throughout your HOA community is a major perk that all pedestrians need to be taking advantage of. Not only do they promote a healthier lifestyle, but they also help minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. In situations where no sidewalks are present, always walk facing traffic.

Some students may choose to ride their bikes to school. Since bikes are prohibited from sidewalk use, be sure to teach your children the rules of the road: ride on the right side of the road, with traffic, in a single file line.

  1. Be cognizant of school buses.

With school back in session, a number of buses will be on the roads. When a school bus turns on its yellow flashing lights, it’s a signal that the bus is about to stop, and motorists must stop too. It’s illegal to pass a bus with red flashing lights as this is a time when students are either entering or exiting the bus. In fact, traffic on both sides of the road must stop when students are getting on or off of a bus.

  1. Watch for crossing guards.

Crossing guards are typically present at intersections near schools before and after school and help children to safely use the crosswalk. Crossing guards will direct traffic at these intersections during peak pedestrian times, so it’s critical that drivers be on the lookout for crossing guards and stop when necessary.

  1. Coordinate a neighborhood adult to be present at bus pick up and drop off.

At least one adult should be present at the bus stop in the mornings for pick and in the afternoons for drop off. As a best practice, neighbors should coordinate a schedule to ensure that at least one adult will always be present at the bus stop to help ensure the safety of students going and coming from school.

Safety is important, and HOA board members that send out a reminder of safety tips to residents will help to build a stronger community.

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