Jorge Martinez, CAM, Southeast Region

JACKSONVILLE, FL (July 20, 2021) – Vesta Property Services spotlights Jorge Martinez, Community Association Manager in Miami, FL.

About Jorge

Vesta is excited to highlight Jorge Martinez, who is a Community Association Manager in Miami, FL.

Jorge obtained his CAM license in 1992, began managing properties, and has been working with Vesta for 17 years. When asked about what he appreciates most about his career, he said:

“Working at Vesta has been very good for me as I feel that they are a company that cares for their staff and residents, supporting both at all times. Vesta believes in customer service and providing excellence. As a manager, technology is at the core of our jobs and Vesta has continued to support us by investing in cutting-edge technology. I’m proud to work at Vesta Property Services!”

Jorge Martinez, Community Association Manager

Our CAMs are committed to their residents and Vesta is committed to providing them with the support and technology they need. Vesta is happy to support employees like Jorge to reach their fullest potential.

About Vesta Property Services

Vesta Property Services provides full-service community association management, financing and ancillary services to developers of planned unit communities and resident association in connection with clubhouses, golf courses and other amenity and infrastructure facilities and commercial real estate management. Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Vesta’s fully staffed, local offices employ more than 1,300 associates providing a wide spectrum of services to more than 250,000 residents, tenants and unit owners.

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