Can Visiting Friends And Grandchildren Use The Community Amenities?

When you live in an HOA, the community amenities are some of the most attractive perks of being a resident. Being able to lounge by a resort-style pool or challenge an opponent on the tennis court provide for a more enjoyable lifestyle.


Can Visiting Friends and Grandchildren Use the Community Amenities?

A concern that some homeowners have when moving to an HOA community is if their visiting friends and grandchildren will be able to use the amenities, especially when living in an active adult community. Since this is a common question that our Florida residential property management company hears, let’s take a moment to address this.


The answer to this question is a resounding yes, visiting friends, family, and grandchildren are able to use the HOA’s community amenities. This is true even in age restricted communities, assuming that visitors follow the community rules.


When Limitations Could Apply

The only time that issues tend to arise with visiting friends and family using the amenities is when people choose not to follow the community’s rules. Some examples of rule violations could include young children not wearing swim diapers in the pool, riding bikes or wearing shoes that leave marks on tennis courts, and being excessively loud. All of these violations take away from enjoyment of the community and are therefore prohibited.


In some age restricted HOA communities, some time limitations are placed on visitors under the age of 19. While kids and grandchildren are encouraged to visit, it’s not uncommon for there to be a 30 or 90-day limit on the number of days per year that children are able to stay in the community. You’ll want to contact your HOA community prior to your visitors arriving to clarify any time limitations of visits.


Always Discuss the Rules for the Community Amenities with Guests

Regardless of whether you live in an age-restricted HOA community or not, it’s always a best practice to go over the community’s rules for using the amenities with your guests. Not only is this for the safety of your visitors, but it also can prevent anyone from finding themselves in an unpleasant situation with other residents or the HOA board.


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