Create Effective And Enforceable Parking Policies During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is right around the corner, and residents in your HOA community will have visiting friends and family. In preparation for the seasonal influx of traffic in your neighborhood, now is the perfect time to create effective and enforceable parking policies.

In an effort to create a safe community while also maintaining peace among residents, our Florida residential property management company suggests the following tips to create and enforce holiday parking policies:

  1. Have a police office discuss parking safety best practices at your next HOA meeting.

We’ve talked about the value of having a community leader such as a local police offer attend your HOA meetings. A police officer is well-versed in the local parking laws and can shed some light on what is allowed and what is illegal.

A common parking complaint that residents make relates to curbside parking. For the safety of residents and their guests, cars should not be allowed to park on both sides of the curb as it creates a narrow street and makes it difficult for other cars and pedestrians to pass through.

Parked cars should not block driveways or sidewalks, and both laws are enforceable by a ticket.

  1. Encourage residents to make surrounding neighbors aware that they will be hosting a holiday party.

Many residents in your HOA community will be hosting parties this holiday season. As a courtesy, residents should make their surrounding neighbors aware that they will be hosting an upcoming holiday party. This will give the immediate neighbors a warning that there will be a temporary influx of traffic on a particular date. Residents may be more forgiving of street parking if they were given advance notice.

  1. Share holiday parking policies in your HOA newsletter.

Sending out an HOA newsletter is a great way to cultivate a sense of community and make residents aware of important neighborhood news. Making a point to include holiday parking policies in your HOA newsletter will make homeowners aware of the dos and don’ts of parking during this busy time of year. When you use your newsletter to share community parking policies, they will be easier to enforce.

Community parking is a pain point that our residential property management company has dealt with often over the years. Fortunately, with our 25 years of experience in Florida residential property management, we’ve been able to create effective and enforceable parking policies that work well for the communities that we manage.

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