Do I Have to Notify My HOA if a Snowbird Parent or Family Member Lives With Me Part Time?

Florida is known for being a safe haven for snowbirds that want to escape the frigid temperatures that much of the United States is hit with during the fall and winter months. As a result, it’s not uncommon for residents in Florida HOA communities to have a parent or family member living with them for part of the year.

As a residential property management company that partners with HOA communities in Florida, a common question that we hear is if the HOA needs to be notified of these part-time residents. Because Florida attracts so many snowbirds, many HOA communities include a set of rules in their bylaws for these part-time residents. These rules regarding visitors and part-time residents are put in place to keep the community safe and make it an enjoyable place for all residents to live.

Should your Florida HOA community have rules in place that govern part-time residents?

If your HOA doesn’t currently have enforceable parameters in place that address part-time residents and guests, it’s in the community’s best interest to speak with a Florida residential property management company about establishing governing documents. By clearly defining the rules surrounding guests and part-time residents for your HOA community, you’ll minimize resident conflict and help prevent guests from overstaying their welcome.

Generally speaking, the term “guest” refers to someone that stays in the community for a relatively short period of time with the property owner present. Typically, when the property owner is on site, there will be fewer issues with the guest.

If a guest or snowbird family member moves in for a short period of time in the property owner’s absence, more issues with the HOA community can come up. For example, the part-time resident may not understand the rules surrounding trash day and place the garbage on the curb for an extended period of time. Most of these issues that can come up with part-time residents are related to the rules and regulations of the HOA community.

Should you notify your HOA community about a part-time resident?

As a best practice, reach out to your HOA to notify the board of a part-time snowbird parent or family member. You can never go wrong with being transparent, and the HOA board members can make you aware of the rules and regulations that part-time residents must follow.

Our team at Vesta Property Services specializes in Florida residential property management and has more than 25 years of experience in working with the unique nuances of our region, such as dealing with the seasonal influx of snowbirds. Please contact us at Vesta Property Services to learn more about how you can establish parameters for part-time residents to protect the best interests of your HOA community.

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