Holiday Parties Sure To Please Your Residents

The holidays provide the perfect opportunity to bring your neighbors together to celebrate the season. When you have community amenities such as a clubhouse, there’s no need for a neighbor to go through the hassle of hosting your HOA holiday party at his or her home.

Want to throw a holiday party that will bring residents of your community together for a fun-filled evening? Here are five holiday party ideas that are sure to please your residents:

  1. Tacky Sweater Party

While so cliché these days, hosting a tacky sweater party is a great way for residents to break the ice and start mingling with each other. The ugly holiday sweater that was once popular in the 80s is making a big come back, and residents can easily find this festive attire online or come up with their own creations. Encourage residents to channel their inner-tackiness by offering prizes for the ugliest sweaters. If hosting the party at your neighborhood clubhouse, you can spruce up your community amenities for the event with bright-colored lights, oversized holiday inflatables, and tinsel-filled trees.

  1. Holiday Caroling Party

Round up your neighbors to meet at the community clubhouse for hot chocolate (and perhaps a seasonal adult beverage) and holiday cookies. Once everyone arrives, head out for an evening of holiday caroling. Having several copies of sheet music on hand will be beneficial for the group. It’s also helpful if you notify neighbors ahead of time that you will be caroling in the community to ensure that you will have an audience.

  1. Beer Tasting Party

There’s a very good chance that residents in your community have been to a wine tasting party, but what about a beer tasting party? Craft beer is on the rise, and it seems as though there are new breweries popping up in Florida every day. Encourage your guests to make an unbiased vote on their favorite beers by concealing the beverages in brown paper bags. As the evening comes to an end, make a toast and reveal the winning beers.

  1. Holiday Cookie Exchange Party

A cookie exchange is a classic holiday party and provides guests with an opportunity to load up on a diverse selection of festive cookies. Ask each guest to bring two dozen cookies and copies of the recipe to trade at the party. You can choose to either ask guests to bring a separate container to collect the cookies or provide containers for the guests.

  1. Winter Wonderland Party

While snow is a rare site in Florida, you can still get into the holiday spirit by hosting a winter wonderland party. Choose food and beverages that correspond with the snowy theme, such as marshmallows for roasting, snow cones, cheese fondue, and a white party punch. Decorate your community amenities with an abundance of white string lights, and take the ambiance up a notch by renting a snow machine.

As you begin to plan the holiday party for your HOA community, take these five suggestions into consideration to throw a party that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Contact us at Vesta Property Services for additional creative ideas to host resident get-togethers in your community.

Man handing woman bouquet of daisiesHoliday lights