How to Prepare For Hurricane Season

When living in Florida and preparing for hurricane season, it is important to create a kit of supplies that you could take with you if you are forced to evacuate. This kit will also be useful if you are able to stay in your home but are still affected by a hurricane or tropical storm. You should create a hurricane kit – a bag that you can easily take with you in case of emergency or evacuation.

Some recommended items to include are:


  • Non-perishable food (enough to last at least 3 days)
  • Water
  • First-aid kit (include any necessary prescription medications)
  • Personal hygiene and sanitation items
  • Batteries and flashlights
  • Battery operated radio
  • Waterproof container with cash and important documents
  • Manual can opener
  • Lighter or matches
  • Books, magazines, games for recreation
  • Special needs items: pet supplies and baby supplies
  • Cooler and ice packs

Know how to secure your home in case of high winds, storm surge and flooding:

  • Cover all windows, either with hurricane shutters or wood.
  • If possible, secure straps or clips to securely fasten your roof.
  • Make sure all trees and shrubs are trimmed and clear rain gutters.
  • Reinforce your garage doors.
  • Bring in all outdoor furniture, garbage cans, and anything that is not tied down.
  • If winds become strong, stay away from windows and doors.

Gas: Make sure your tank is full far in advance of an approaching storm.

ATMs: Have extra cash on hand in case no ATMs in your area are working.

Cell Phones: Charge your cell phone and limit use after power is out.

A/C: If you lose power, try to prevent light from entering and warming the house by covering up your windows on the inside. If you have back-up or battery-operated fans, do not run them unless you are in the room.

Water: Fill bathtub and large containers with water for washing and flushing only.

Food: Turn your fridge temperature down and freeze any food or drinking water that can be frozen if you expect a power outage. Have a cooler with ice packs prepared to cool your drinks and snacks after power has been out for more than 4 hours.

Hurricane preparedness is the key to getting through the 2021 hurricane season with the least damage possible.


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Hurricane Tracker 2021
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