Kings Point Sun City Center

To Whom it May Concern:


I am writing in regard to Vesta who is the current Property Management Company solely responsible for the amenities within Kings Point, located in Sun City Center, FL.


Kings Point is a community comprised of 110 COAs and 4 HOAs which contain 5,595 units.  In 2007 the Federation of Kings Point Associations, Inc. purchased all the amenities located within Kings Point from the developer which included but not limited to: two (2) clubhouse (including indoor pools), three outdoor pools, a lawn bowling court, tennis court, shuffleboard court, bocce court and pickle ball courts along with a number of trams for on premise and off premise transportation of its residents and oversight of the on-premises security.


Vesta was hired in 2007, in conjunction with the purchase, to manage and oversee all amenities along with the operation of the food and bar services located within the two clubhouses.  In addition, Vesta was also hired to maintain the finances for these amenities, establish a yearly budget for the day-to-day operations, establish a Repair and Replacement Reserve necessary for the repair and replacement of items, as required based on a 3-5-year replacement study.  In addition, Vesta was also responsible the establishment of a Capital Reserve for construction/implementation of new amenities.  The budget is monitored on a quarterly and yearly basis with an independent auditor reviewing the year end financials.


Vesta has done an outstanding job and continues to adapt to the ever-changing environment and needs of the community and its residents.  Vesta has seen the amenities are maintained in the most up to date manner and one the residents are proud of.   Vesta oversees and manages all projects relating to the amenities in a highly professional manner.  In addition, during the last 13 years Vesta oversaw the remolding of an older sales office of the developer into a state-of-the-art gym and salon/spa which they also now oversee and manage.  This building also includes additional meeting rooms along with a culinary room for cooking classes.


The exemplary job performance of Vesta is reflected in the continued renewal of our agreement with Vesta since 2007.  In fact, the Federation of King Point recently renewed the management contract for an addition four (4) years through 2025 by a unanimous voted of the 114 Association which make up the community.  Vesta is highly respected within the community for their dedication to Kings Point.  Their management staff is second to none and make themselves available on a 24X7 basis 365 days a year.  They have maintained a great working relationship with the various changes on the Federation Boards during the last 17 years, which is an example of their willingness to work with the various individual who have led the Federation Board.


I along with the rest of the nine (9) member Federation Board would highly recommend Vesta for any position for which they may be considered.


Jack Davidson

President Federation Board