Landscaping Tips for Winter

Increasing property values within your community should be one of the key objectives of your HOA board members. Placing emphasis on the landscaping of common areas within your community will offer aesthetic appeal and make your neighborhood a more desirable place to live.

Although it’s winter, landscaping still needs to be a priority, especially if you want bountiful plantings this spring. With new real estate development popping up on every corner in Florida, you can use landscaping to make your HOA community stand out.

Here are several landscaping tips to get your Florida HOA community through winter and prepare for spring:

  1. Fertilize your grass.

Although Florida is typically spared from the harsh temperatures that much of the rest of the country experience during the winter months, it can still get quite chilly this time of year. Ensuring that grass is well-fertilized will allow it to sustain the colder temperatures and thrive come spring. Although winter in Florida tends to be our dry season, it’s important to keep in mind that grass in our climate never really stops growing.

  1. Get ahead of pests, weeds, and fast-growing non-native plants.

Winter tends to be a slower growing period for plants in Florida, which makes this the ideal time of year to rid your landscape of pests, weeds, and fast-growing non-native plants. Taking the time to clean up flowerbeds now will create more conducive growing conditions for the spring.

  1. Ensure that your irrigation system is working efficiently.

Water is key to maintaining a healthy landscape in Florida. Irrigation systems will eventually fail, and it’s critical that your landscape professional takes the time in the winter to ensure that your irrigation system is in working order. If your irrigation system is not reliable, your landscape will not survive the hot Florida summer. Today’s smart irrigation systems monitor weather conditions (temperature, humidity, precipitation, and more) to provide landscapes with the appropriate amount of water.

  1. Plant appropriate winter plants.

If you take a drive through new real estate development communities in Florida this time of year, you’ll note that their planting native trees and shrubs for the winter season. Popular winter annuals that do well in Florida’s climate include pansies and violas. Snapdragons and petunias are also smart choices for your winter landscape.

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