Safety Tips For Summer Travelers And Snowbirds

The beaches and warm sunshine in Florida attract travelers throughout the year, whether it’s summer vacationers or snowbirds seeking refuge during the winter months. This cycle creates an attractive market for Florida homeowners to rent out their properties.

Does your HOA community allow residents to rent their properties to a third-party? If so, our Florida residential property management company recommends the following safety tips:

  1. Make homeowners aware of the HOA’s policies for rentals.

Most HOA communities have rules in place for residents that choose to rent out their properties in an effort to protect home values and community safety. Inform residents of these rules by including them on the HOA’s website and in the community newsletter. Remind residents of your HOA’s policies regarding rentals during board meetings. Ensuring that residents are aware of the HOA’s rules and guidelines for property rentals will help to minimize issues in the future.

  1. Confirm that all locks on doors are in working condition.

Snowbirds that choose to leave their Florida home during the summer months and return during the winter months need to make sure that all locks on doors and windows are working properly to minimize the risk of burglary.

If the homeowner will be renting out the property during this time, a safety tactic is to install an electronic smart lock for the door. This solution will bypass the need for keys entirely and instead use an electronic lock that opens the door with a punch-in code. The smart lock can be remotely managed, allowing homeowners to change the code between renters.

  1. Disconnect electronics when the property is vacant.

When plugged in, small appliances and electronics still use energy, even when they’re in the off position. Homeowners will save energy and prevent fire hazards by unplugging electronics and small appliances when the property is vacant.

  1. Install a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats allow the property owner to control the temperature of the home remotely, which will help to keep energy costs at bay. If the property is scheduled to be rented, the homeowner can adjust the temperature of the home using a smartphone to create a comfortable environment. Some smart thermostats can even enhance security by notifying the homeowner when occupancy of the property is detected.

  1. Make renters aware of rules for common area use.

If your HOA community includes a swimming pool, tennis court, and other amenities that would appeal to renters, inform renters of the safety rules and conduct for using such amenities. As a best practice, most HOA communities require renters to sign a copy of the rules for amenity use when signing a rental agreement.

Following these tips from our residential property management company will help to ensure the safety of your community and make the process of renting properties in your HOA go more smoothly.

Vesta Property Services offers more than 25 years of experience with Florida residential property management. Please contact us to learn more about safety tips for renting properties in HOA communities.  

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