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Vesta offers a premium community management platform – Vesta Vantage Pro – a comprehensive website and mobile app designed to be the official news channel for your community association. 

At Vesta, we know how important it is for board members to have effective and reliable communication with their community, and Vesta Vantage Pro does just that. Through the online portal, mobile phone or tablet, you’ll be able to safely and securely retrieve and send important community information and take care of your community’s business anytime from anywhere.


Our online services will help you instantly, efficiently, and economically:


  • Communicate with members of your community.
  • Target and send group emails.
  • Collect resident information.
  • Support resident services and access to information.
  • Provide education on procedures and rules.

Vesta Vantage Pro is completely user-friendly, and you’ll be supplied informational videos and documentation to thoroughly and effectively detail how to use the software and get the most out of it.

Community Feed

The heart of the system is the Community Feed — a scrolling news feed that is common in typical web and mobile based news feeds; however, it is private and is not viewable through search engines or by people outside of the association.



Mobile App

Vesta Vantage Pro includes a downloadable mobile app for Apple and Android operating systems. The web version is also optimized to fit perfectly into the smaller smart phone screen format. All interfaces are user-intuitive and specifically designed with community associations in mind.



Smart Calendar With RSVP

Scheduling meetings or events is simple with the smart calendar. A manager or administrator can post an event and send out an immediate notification it to the residents. No more remembering to send out reminders because the system does it for you.



Multi-Platform Communication

The system allows a manager or administrator to push content to a mobile app, text, email and auto-updated websites. The resident receives the information in the format they desire and on their device of choice, including mobile, desktop and tablet.



Amenity Reservations

With this feature enabled, residents can easily make reservations by using the system on their desktop, tablet or mobile. Any kind of amenity or facility — party room, tennis courts, clubhouse — can be created with a corresponding calendar for that facility. The number of facilities is unlimited.



Dynamic Forms

Community associations frequently have forms — surveys, waivers and contact forms — that need to be completed by residents. The dynamic forms feature is an online form creation and submission management system. It allows an administrator to create multiple unique forms specific to a community’s needs.

Community Website

Vesta Vantage Pro fulfills your community website needs. The modern community website includes a publishing system for public and private pages with photos, documents, links, community calendar and resident directory.




Board & Committee Tools

Vesta Vantage Pro has a private group feature that allows a manager or administrator to set up multiple private boards and committees. This is a great way for committees, such as the Board of Directors, ACC Committee or Landscape Committee, to discuss their business in private among other committee members.



Flexible Administrative Rights

The system can be accessed by multiple managers or administrators, and set with different communication responsibilities for residents and committee members. The benefit is that the official association information doesn’t have to be funneled through one person.



Resident Account Access

The system is integrated with the management company’s accounting software. This is a great convenience feature for residents as they have easy account access on their mobile, tablet or desktop any time they want.



Resource Library

The resource library is a publishing system for important association documents, links and information. The built-in content management system makes it easy for managers and administrators to post meeting minutes, association rules, PDF and Word forms, and resource links.



Group Pages

The group pages feature makes it easy for residents to connect with those who share the same interests. Starting a garden club, book club or running group page is a breeze. Each group features their own page with an activity feed, calendar, photos, documents and member directory.



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