Celebrating the Holidays in your HOA

The end-of-year holiday season is a great time to bring your community together and host activities that will encourage everyone to participate. If you haven’t planned a community event for the holidays yet, you still have time for this year, and plenty of time for next year!

Here are some tips and ideas for your association’s holiday season.

1. Make sure everyone is welcome  

Holiday events are typically run by a social committee that makes it a point to contact each owner in your community and extend a personal invitation. You can also post the event on a community calendar, or a newsletter. You want to get as many residents to attend as you can, so you should also make sure your event doesn’t land on a holiday that most people would be spending with their families.

2. Use resident attendance as a chance to give back 

The opportunities for holiday party ideas are endless, but your community members might be reluctant to attend if there is a steep barrier for entry. Even a $10 entry fee can make your attendance numbers dwindle. If you do have an entry fee, make it something charitable that your residents would be happy to donate to. All entry fees can go toward a charity of the community’s choice, or you can have each attendee bring one item for a food, toy or clothing drive.

3. Plan a fun event for your residents

There are so many ways to celebrate the holidays that will include everyone in your community, here are just a few ideas:

  • Host a potluck party in your community common area or clubhouse. Encourage your owners to bring their favorite holiday dishes to share, you can even include a table for the kids to bring their favorite decorated holiday treats and cookies.
  • Host a holiday cook off where everyone can bring their favorite dishes and the HOA members can vote on categories. This is also a great opportunity for a white elephant gift exchange or a gift basket raffle!
  • Holiday parades are another good idea for the kids in the neighborhood. Have everyone decorate their cars or golf carts for the holidays and pass out candy. You can even include a prize for the family with the best decorations!

Lastly, have fun!

There are many ways to bring your community together for the holidays that are rewarding and enjoyable. Any idea that is fun and accessible for everyone can build a sense of community in your HOA and make this holiday season memorable!

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