How to Thank Your HOA Volunteers

While we can all recognize that doing good is its own reward, most board members would agree that volunteering for an HOA can be a thankless job. It’s always good to remind the volunteers in your community that their time, effort and commitment  doesn’t go unrecognized.

Here are some ways to thank a volunteer in your homeowners association: 

1. Help volunteer in your Association

While board members do a lot of heavy lifting for the community, it is always nice to give them an opportunity to take a break by volunteering your own time. You can do this by planning social events like a barbecue or a holiday party, creating a cleanup crew to walk the neighborhood and pick up trash, or serve on a committee you are personally passionate about such as safety, gardening or even pickle ball. If you don’t have the time to organize an event yourself, then just take note of large projects that are underway in your community. Big projects can require volunteers; contact your HOA manager or board to offer even just a few hours of your time.

2. Show them you appreciate them

Whenever you receive a communication or a newsletter, keep an eye out for the people in your community being featured and make an effort to introduce yourself or just say thank you for what they have done for your neighborhood. You can also send an email or personalized card to a volunteer, telling them you appreciate their hard work!

3. Host a thank you party 

Board members and community volunteers give their time and talent to your community freely, and it is only because of their willingness to volunteer that your community can run smoothly. Hosting a lunch, dinner or even a cocktail party to acknowledge their efforts is a kind gesture that will be remembered and appreciated.

4. Write a thank-you letter for your community newsletter

Writing out the things volunteers did that you and your fellow residents recognized is a good way to let them know that you see the good they are doing for your community, despite possible disputes or disagreements. Writing a short letter or asking people to contribute small quotes of thanks to be posted on a bulletin or in a newsletter is a nice way to get the word out to everyone in the community that hard work is always appreciated.


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