Cupid’s Arrow: Ways To Share The Love In Your Community This Valentines Day

While some people view Valentine’s Day as a Hallmark holiday, it serves as a dedicated day to show the special people in your life that you care about them. Beyond your spouse and family, the people that matter most to you typically live within your community. Your HOA can help spread the love this Valentine’s Day by organizing the following events:

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Aside from an opportunity for dads and daughters to spend quality time together, attending a daddy/daughter dance is a chance to show a young girl how she should expect to be treated.

If a clubhouse is part of the community amenities in your HOA, you have the perfect venue for the dance. Depending on your budget, you could choose to hire a professional DJ or put together a music playlist and stream it for free from your phone. If you choose to stream music from your phone, ask a neighbor if you can borrow bluetooth speakers for good sound quality.

Require that attendees purchase tickets in advance that could go towards cost of food and any other entertainment that you want to hire for the event. Considering that many of the attendees will be children, limit the dance to two hours or under to prevent the event from dragging on.

Movie Date Night Under the Stars

One of the benefits of living in Florida is our mild winter climate. Typically, February is a great time of year to catch a movie under the stars. If your community amenities include a grassy common area, that’s a great location to host an outdoor movie night. If you don’t already have the equipment to display an outdoor movie, a local video company can rent you what you need to project a movie on a screen or blank wall. However, be cautious about issues with copyright infringement and don’t charge admission to the event.

Neighborhood Date Night

When was the last time that you and your favorite neighbors got together for dinner? Organize a date night for couples to get together at a neighborhood restaurant. Ideally, look for a restaurant that offers a private dining room to accommodate the group. When planning the event, be sure to get a confirmed headcount so that the restaurant can be prepared. To ensure that everyone has a good time on the date night and that conversation flows well, you may want to limit the event to the first 10 couples that sign up.

Follow these tips and use your community amenities to your advantage to spread the love throughout your neighborhood this Valentine’s Day.

Contact us at Vesta Property Services for additional creative ways to organize community events that your neighbors will appreciate.

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