How To Draw Millennials To Your Community

A common goal that HOA board members share is improving property values. Many communities are currently experiencing a shift in Baby Boomers with grown children moving out and a younger demographic with growing families moving in. Much of the Millennial generation (anyone born between 1981 and 1997) is currently in the life stage of getting married and having children, and living in an HOA community with attractive amenities is very appealing to this demographic.  

Since Millennials are entering their peak home-buying years, here is how you can attract more Millennials to your HOA community:


  1. Create a website for your community.

Millennials do their research before making a big purchase, and their go-to resource is the internet. Your HOA needs to have a website that provides some details about the attractive amenities, upcoming social events, and homes for sale in the community. Attaching a blog to your website to share information about local restaurants, upcoming events, and life in the neighborhood will provide readers with useful insight and boost search rankings for your community.


  1. Emphasize convenience.

One of the most attractive community amenities for Millennials is close proximity to restaurants, shopping, transportation, and nightlife. Much of this generation is accustomed to living an urban lifestyle with plenty of entertainment at their fingertips. Find a way to emphasize that they won’t have to give up the convenience of shopping and restaurants nearby when moving to a suburban community.  


  1. Find opportunities to go green.

Millennials are conscientious of the environment and appreciate sustainability. Find ways to go green in your community, whether it’s using a common area to create a neighborhood garden or instituting a recycling program at the community pool. If homes in your community feature energy-efficient appliances and sustainable building materials, be sure to make this known.


  1. Offer amenities that appeal to families with children.

Since Millennials are in their prime child-rearing years, including amenities that appeal to families with children such as a playground or kiddie pool will go a long way in winning this generation over. Another amenity for HOA board members to consider adding is sidewalks throughout the community. This safety feature will make families more comfortable to move throughout your community.


Our residential property management company understands that trying to attract multiple generations to a planned community can be challenging. Having been a part of the Florida property management industry for more than 25 years, we can bring a wealth of experience to HOA board members to provide superior amenities and lifestyle curation that appeals to all generations, Millennials included. Please contact us at Vesta Property Services to learn how we can assist your community with HOA management.

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