May Flowers Matter

Spring is in full bloom, and it’s hard not to notice the beautifully landscaped grounds (or lack thereof) in HOA communities around town. While amenities and location are attractive selling points for a community, the aesthetics and the upkeep of common areas are just as important.


The Value of an HOA Landscape Committee

In addition to board members, an HOA typically has several committees as well. One of the most important of these committees is the landscape committee, which is responsible for the upkeep of the grounds of common areas within the community.


The best people to serve on your landscape committee are those that are enthusiastic about maintaining your neighborhood’s outdoor space and understand the positive contribution that landscaping offers to home values. There’s no need for committee members to be landscaping experts.


Evaluating Your Landscape Needs

Because landscaping directly impacts the perception of the community and the property values within it, your HOA needs to hire a professional landscaping company.


It’s important to consider your community’s landscaping needs before you put together a budget. What types of services will you need from the landscaping company for the upcoming term? Are residents complimenting or complaining about the current landscaping of the community’s common areas?


Choosing the Best Flowers and Plantings for a Summer Landscape in Florida

Fortunately, HOAs do have a say in the types of flowers and plantings that the landscape company installs. May in Florida tends to be hot, and the temperatures will only heat up as the summer progresses. This is why it’s important to choose flowers and plantings for your HOA common areas that will be able to withstand the season.


Our residential property association management company recommends incorporating the following flowers for Florida’s warm springs and hot and humid summers:


Crossandra “Orange Marmalade”

Orange is very much a Floridian color, so planting crossandra Orange Marmalde will really make your flower beds pop. These perennials do especially well in Central and South Florida as they thrive in a warm climate. They prefer the shade, but can handle up to four hours of direct sunlight each day.


Egyptian Star Flowers

These flowers are also referred to as Egyptian Star Clusters and provide gorgeous blooms year-round in varying shades of red, pink, blue, and lavender. Bees and butterflies love these plants in the springtime, and they’re incredibly easy to grow in Florida throughout the summer months.


Florida Sweethearts

While we like to call them Florida Sweethearts here in the Sunshine State, these flowers are also called angel wings and elephant ears. These flowers are easily distinguishable by their large, colorful pink leaves. They thrive when the ground is warmer than 70 degrees, making them a spring and summertime favorite planting in Central and South Florida.


Golden Shrimp Plants

Most Florida association management companies agree that Golden Shrimp plants are perfect for landscaping in our climate. This tropical plant does well in Florida’s rainy summer season and grows to a height of three to four feet. Planting this shrub in May will yield you gorgeous flowers that will bloom all the way through September.


Landscaping for an HOA community is a huge responsibility. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our residential association management company is happy to provide guidance. Please contact us at Vesta Property Services to learn more about how we can help your community to reach its fullest potential.


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