How To Work Around Board Member Absences In Summer Months

Summer is officially here, kicking vacation mode into high gear. Even though many HOA board members will be out of town throughout the summer, it’s critical that you continue to hold board meetings as often as outlined in your association bylaws. Larger HOA organizations with a lot of business to discuss should meet monthly at a minimum while smaller organizations may only need to meet quarterly.

What happens when HOA board members are absent from meetings during the summer months?

It’s inevitable that you will have some HOA board members absent from meetings, especially during the summer months. To help you have productive board meetings, absences must be notified ahead of time so that an effective agenda can still be created for the meeting.

When board members are aware of an absence from the meeting ahead of time, they can have the absent board member address relevant questions in advance. For the ease of communication and documentation purposes, the absent board member can submit a memo prior to the meeting that addresses questions and provides a status update of his or her responsibilities. This will help to keep the meeting on track and ensure that all board members are providing an update.

If too many board members will be absent from a meeting, you may want to consider rescheduling the meeting so that more board members will be present. Before opting to reschedule your meeting, confirm with your association bylaws that rescheduling the meeting is permissible.

How should unexcused absences from HOA board members be handled?

Summer schedules can be hectic, and a board member may miss a meeting as an oversight. While an absence is never ideal, it’s inevitable that it will happen. Check your association bylaws to determine what the acceptable number of unexcused absences from an HOA board member is. Typically, an HOA will allow no more than three unexcused absences from a board member.

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